Wednesday, August 24, 2011


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Since I've become a work at home professional, I have totally become paperless.  It's unbelievably liberating.  I can still remember when I worked in an office cubicle with all those binders and all those reports that I have to print out daily, monthly, quarterly. Ugh.

As somebody who never had any love for collecting all those papers, filing is, was, and forever will be my worst nightmare.  I am totally anti-filing!  Now electronic filing is an altogether different animal.  I have no problems with it.  It's just one of those things that come naturally.

For folks like me who despise filing paper reports, it's easy enough to become a tree hugger.  After all, the more paper is used for printing documents or reports or whatever, trees have to suffer, no?

This is why my current set up is super ideal.  In the event that I have to visit my company's office, I go hotelling.

Hotelling, as wikipedia puts it;
Hoteling (or hotelling) is a method of supporting unassigned seating in an office environment. It is similar to hot desking, and is sometimes confused with it, since both methods support unassigned seating. Hotelling is reservation-based unassigned seating, whereas, hot desking is reservation-less unassigned seating.
I think the hotelling setup is brilliant. Just bring your work assigned laptop, plug it in any available network outlet and you have your company's network at your fingertips. The great thing is that once you're done with your work, just unplug your laptop, put everything in your bag and off you go. There's no files that need to be stowed away in a drawer or filing cabinet or any other knick-knacks that needs your attention. It's perfect!

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